Tips to care for your school uniform

Label  When you receive your uniform, you will need to label every piece of uniform. Use your full name, or if your name is too long, use your student ID.

Shirts, shorts, pants, dresses, skirts, socks and jackets
1. Wash
– Pre-treat the collars and underarms of shirts, and any other stains on items before washing with a spray or a bar of laundry soap.
– Separate loads into darks, whites and colours.
– To prevent snags, zippers should be zipped – snaps, buttons & clips should be fastened before washing. Turn everything inside out.
– If the garments are very dirty, or if they are white, soak them overnight with laundry detergent, or laundry soaker. It is also a good idea to soak your socks.
– Follow the instructions on your tag inside clothes for optimal results – such as washing in cold/warm water, etc. Cold water is typically best for keeping clothes in good shape.
– Wash shirts and socks each time you have worn them.
– Shorts, jackets, pants, skirts and dresses need a wash once a week.
2. Dry
Hang your clothes to dry, or lay them flat on a clothes horse. To dry, hang or lay flat are always your best options to keep your clothes looking their best.
3. Store
Make sure your clothes are completely dry before folding them and putting them away. Hang dresses, button up shirts and skirts.

If the school jumpers are woollen and need to be washed by hand on a wool-wash cycle on your machine. They are best washed with a gentle laundry detergent, or woolwash, and laid flat to dry. Jumpers need a wash once a week.

You blazer should be hung up each day on a coat hanger, and taken to the drycleaner during term breaks, or if it gets dirty.